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My Grandmama's Secret

I am Nara, a Modern Witch practicing the Path of Contemporary Paganism. Initiating my Priestess hood in 2005 my craft solidified its purpose honoring Mother Isis, Goddess Hecate, Divine Goddess Mary Magdalene and overseen by Angelic Godmother Rosina Marina Aquati, a renowned Telepathic Animal Communicator and Alternative Lifestyle Consultant. 

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Powers of Mother Earth

I inspire to bring a lil magical touch to your everyday by channeling through Divination and Spell Crafting.Β 

Let’s take a journey back to the simplicity and honor Mother Earth, for she loves each one of us. Filling our Lungs with Air, nourishing our body with her flowing Water, bearing our weights on her Earth, keeping us warm, circulating Ra, and blessing our souls and spirits with her constant Love. By the powers and gifts bestow onto me, my service to you in honor of Mother Earth. May I inspire you as much as she has inspired me.

Blessed be,




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