Divination is the mystical art of studying and determining hidden significance or cause of events, sometimes information of the future to help one gain a more defined perspective. Systems of divination function according to the principle of synchronicity, as do Magic Spells in general. As synchronicity rejects the concept of coincidence, events occurring at the precise moment share something in conjoint and may be used to reveal something about each other which will aid you to take a more coherent stand with any concerns or questions.

I would intuitively select varies divination tools to present you with a reading session. I would provide information on what you may need to do to avoid any unpleasant situation, or even make one a little more acceptable than it would have been before, and to fill your life with inspiration.

Upon reading you can choose to select to purpose a Mojo Bag/Bottle Bundle which can be paired up and specially crafted to fit the most current need of your journey.