Spell Weaving


Witch’s Bottle, Mojo Bag or Gris-Gris Bag is a secret talisman carried to bring love, prosperity, protection, or luck. Each bag is carefully crafted by firstly using Divination to tap into your current energies.


As synchronicity rejects the concept of coincidence, events occurring at the precise moment while working with intention setting tools such as this, it is a conjoint effort of mentally setting intention as well. I would intuitively select divination tools to present you with a more defined perspective with regards to attaining your goals.



Each bag/bottle has an empowered candle included which you can light to set you own intention as well. All bags are handsewn with Botanicals, Healing Herbs, Crystals, and Stones, Roots to cater to different needs simultaneously on Spiritual, Emotional, Magical, and Physical levels. Each bag is Reiki Charged and blessed with healing water from Rose of Jericho. Your bag is also charged in alignment and is filled with healing and magically infused oils. You can also add in oils option into your Witch’s Bottle as wearable oil which will be crafted into roll-on bottles.


Do note to not get your bag wet as it will start to smell funky, and any time that the bag is broken, you can empty the reminds and bury them to Mother Earth, discard the fabric and in any case that you would like to fix the bag, you can always let me know, and I will be more than happy to fix it up for you! You can also include if you would like your bag crafted without any oils as well.

Always do a patch test if you would like to use the oils on your skin, and in any event of an allergic reaction, immediately stop using it and seek medical attention. I do not recommend putting on the oil if you are pregnant or nursing and especially not on your face.

To enhance the effectiveness of the “conditioning effect,” you can follow the little intention setting that will be included in your order. And when you run out of the oil, and love it, and would like a refill, do let me know, and I will wavier off the postage charges for mailing me back the oil bottle and with a little give back to Mother Earth I will absorb the postage for a re-fill as well. All orders will be mailed via Smartpac which is already included in the price below.

To include Date of Birth and concerns in box if applicable.