Spell Weaving


A Mojo Bag or Gris-Gris Bag is a secret talisman inspired by Hoodoo Practice is a physical manifestation of a spell that can be carried to draw in more love, prosperity, protection, and luck. Each bag is carefully crafted by firstly using Divination methods to tap into your current energies and then filling it up with suitable concoction to help you achieve your desired intention. Individual bags are prepared along with Intention Setting candle and is hand-sewn by me intuitively channeling Earth Magick with Botanicals, Healing Herbs, Crystals and Stones, Roots to cater to different needs and all infused with Magical Oils. Each unique concoction caters to different needs simultaneously on Spiritual, Emotional, Magickal and Physical Levels and are Reiki charged, blessed on my sacred Altar, and blessed with the healing water from Rose of Jericho. The bags are also charged in alignment with Luna and corresponds to your desired intention accordingly to the planetary alignment.

Witches bottles works similarly to mojo bags, but they can be filled with wearable oils that are blended specially by me.

Intention Setting Candles come in a box of 6 and they are specially empowered to suit your request of manifestations.